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Short Grammar

Dialect Dictionary: "CD"

càgliu acid substance used to curdle the milk
calécàra furnace to cook limestone and to obtain quicklime
campanàle bell tower
candìle baton of round wood to support the tiles
cannarìno vein of the neck
cantìglio small part of bread crust
càoce lime used in housing
capàre to detect, to choose in a heap
càpere to be inside, to have sufficient space to be contained within a place
capézza Horse reins
capofóco great piece of wood for the chimney
capotàre to overturn
cappott’a rròta coat of waterproof cloth used by the shepherds
cardarèlla container for building material transportation
carosàre to shear the sheep
carrèra tight road
casalìno small building to keep agricultural tools
casicavàgliu caciocavallo (a kind of cheese)
casóne shelter for shepherds
catózzo stack, in shape of broken cone, to produce coal
caucinàru mixture of concrete and other housing material
cauràru large pot with semicircular handle
caurèlla water container that it is introduced in the wood stove to produce steam and warm water
cauzittìnu sock
cavàgliu horse
ccà here
célléfóne snake
centrélla nail with wide head
ceósaròla raspberry,fruit
cerògeno candle
cetróne cucumber
cèuso mulberry tree
chiàppo piece of string with double knot to bind the couples of caciocavalli
chìnu full
ciàccaro log of tree used like a stool
ciambiàre to trample on; drift from "ciampa", foot
ciàmpa foot
cianéglio slipper
cianghèlla wood stool with three foots
ciaurèlla slice of bread with water, olive oil and salt
ciavàrra young cow
ciàve key
ciavìno old key, with long arm
cìfaru devil, bad
cimaccióla shopping bag made of cloth
cincióne duster, rag
cingorènda fork with three or four teeth to collect straw or hay
ciòppela struggle, brawl
ciòtta clod of earth
ciràsa cherry (fruit)
ciràsu cherry-tree
ciùcciu donkey
cófenàta vase for flowers
colàta lye, mix of warm water and ash to bleach the washing
cólòna cheerful girl, lively, exuberant
cóppo tin
coréa belt
córràru gutter
cortéglio knife
craccamèlla small branch of dry firewood, to light fire
crastécarégliu small bird of prey, little hawk
crìscitu yeast for the bread
crócco wood hook in shapes of s, to hang up the drying sausages
cucciàru spoon
cuppìnu ladle
cursùle lane
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